RAW – 5 Stage Rawket Cones


The Raw Rawket features five pre-rolled cones of various sizes. The collection includes a Raw Cone 1 1/4, Raw Cone King Size, Raw Cone Peacemaker, Raw Cone Emperador and the new fan favorite; the Raw Cone Supernatural.

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Just so you understand, we only made this to be over-the-top. We really truly like having fun and we need to share that fun with the whole smoking world! A RAW innovation!

RAW Classic 5 Stage RAWket Pack includes one each of:

1¼ Cone (83mm)
Kingsize Cone (110mm)
Peacemaker Cone (140mm)
Emperador Cone (180mm)
Supernatural Cone (280mm)

RAW paper is made from natural plants with zero burn additives.

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